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MAH-CET - Mock Tests

Mock Tests

  • 18 Full-length Mock Tests
  • 12+ Sectional Tests
  • 10+ Reasoning Tests
  • Tests Generator Tool
  • Challenge Zone

Detailed Explanatory Answers and In-depth Analysis for All Types of Tests.

And much more...


  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • National Ranking
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Remedial Measures
  • Expert Recommendation
  • Self Analysis (Brief, Overall, Question-wise, Topic-wise, Difficulty-wise)
  • Generate Customized Report
  • Re-attempt Incorrect
  • Generate Similar Test

Note:- Detailed Explanatory Answers and Discussion Forum for every Question

And much more...

Tests Generator Tool

Set Your Own Parameters And Generate Unlimited Tests

Select Section, Module, Topic, Concept, No. of Questions, Difficulty Level and Duration

Multiple Selections and Varied Combinations are also Possible

Keep on Practising !

Challenge Zone

Step 1. Choose Test

  • Full-length Tests
  • Sectional Tests
  • Topic-wise Tests
  • Integrated Reasoning Tests
  • Challenger Tests (Higher Difficulty Level Tests)

Step 2. Choose Mode

  • Normal - Time Limit for Complete Test
  • Timed - Time Limit for Every Question
  • Champ or Chump - Score Maximum with 3 Lives

Step 3. Choose Opponents

  • Play with Online Users
  • Play with Avatar
  • Beat Toppers
  • Search My Opponent
  • Schedule and Invite Friends

An Adaptive Practice Tool for Exam Preparation !

Study Planner organises your entire syllabus into topic- wise practice modules

It has an adaptive back-end that creates an exciting, gamified exam-prep experience

It comprises a large item bank that gives you a 360° exam prep

Study Planner

How To Use

  • Set Deadline
  • Meet Daily Goals
  • Adjust Daily Effort Level
  • Tag Questions
  • Revise


  • Exhaustive Coverage
  • Gamified Experience
  • Goals of the Day
  • Tag Questions for Revision

Conceptual Videos



Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning

Accessible on Multiple Devices

Attempt All your Tests and View All your Test Reports and Analytics ‘Anytime, Anywhere, using Any Device’

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12 Months

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